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Kath is a Woman on a Mission!

I am driven by the desire to speak up for the millions of voiceless women, the ones who suffer in silence with Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovaries, Fibroids, GYN Cancers, Infertility, Prolapse Uterus, and so many more Gynaecological and Sexual Health conditions.

I am searching for CHANGE CHAMPIONS who you will join me in my campaign, by booking me to speak at community and corporate events, choosing to celebrate the International Gynaecological Awareness Day (IGAD) on 10 Sept or by attending one of my workshops.

Read about my key messages here.

WA Senior Australian of the Year 2018

Soo much thanks to the Australia Day Awards team both in WA and in Canberra. Such professionalism and perfectness by all. Feeling rather emotional with all that has happened in last few days. Total elation that we were given this once in a lifetime experience. Never to be forgotten. Loved the journey particularly with our WA recipients. Congratulations to WA Young recipient Sam Kerr and to the overall Australian of Year and other winners. Can't believe we were all part of it. If it wasn't for Hayley Solich my mentor NONE if this would not have happened. Forever indebted to you Hayley for all you do for us. Lets keep our eyes in the bigger prize community Gynaecological Awareness Day. I appeal to all those that can see the big picture is to place 10 September in your diary let me know you have done this and encourage your networks to do the same and stay tuned for the next exciting adventure.

Posted by Kath Mazzella on Thursday, 25 January 2018

Engaging and Fun Workshops with Kath

Kath in Action

With 15 awards, including the prestigious 2018 WA Senior Australian of the Year, WA Senior of the Year Award and an Order of Australia Medal, Kath has been campaigning for over two decades to create greater awareness of women's Gynaecological and Sexual Health and associated Mental Health challenges.

Community Workshops

Working with Community Groups and Not for Profit organisations to create and deliver engaging and fun workshops that help men and women to start the conversation about their Gynaecological and Sexual Health and associated Mental Health challenges.

Corporate Workshops

Creating relevant and informative workshops that help both men and women in the workplace to start the conversation about how Gynaecological and Sexual Health and associated Mental Health challenges can be better managed at work.

Community Consultation

Advocating for women by contacting and forming partnerships with women's organisations to help to break down the stigmas and barriers associated with Gynaecological and Sexual Health and associated Mental Health conditions.

Lobbying the Government

Contacting relevant government agencies to start the conversation and get women's Gynaecological and Sexual Health and associated Mental Health conditions on the government agenda.

Advocating for Change

Speaking up and speaking out about women's Gynaecological and Sexual Health Awareness and associated Mental Health conditions and pressing society for greater acceptance and more support for women.

Engaging Educational Products

Creating engaging and creative books, PowerPoint presentations, workshops and visual aides, to help people to embrace the message of how important a woman's Gynaecological and Sexual Health and associated Mental Health are for the good of the community..

Appalling research stats on Endometriosis

I was shocked to read the following statistics about Endometriosis. I would love to hear your comments about this.  We must help these women who often suffer in silence, unsupported, to find a stronger voice so that more can be done to support them. Follow this link to read the article published on WA Today […]

Vicious Cycle group article – Why I started International GYNae Day

  I was invited by the blog, Vicious Cycle, to contribute my story about starting the International Gynaecological Awareness Day. Here is a link for those who would like to know more. I would love for you to comment, as that would help me to better understand who this work is reaching and the general […]

Congratulations to Dr Graham Farquhar – Australian Senior of the Year 2018

What an incredible honour it was for Tony and I to meet Dr Farquhar and Governor General Cosgrove. I cant begin to tell you how exited I was and how humble these men are. Australian of the Year Awards sponsored by Australian Department of Health. “I would like to see an Australia that values creativity […]

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