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Grayland’s Women’s Mental Health Day Moulin Rouge GYN display





Gynaecological Awareness Day quilts from WA Quilters

Look at these amazing pieces of art created by WA Quilters for the Moulin Rouge Gynaecological Awareness Day which some were donated to King Edward Memorial Hospital and  to GAIN Inc.


King Edward Memorial Hospital International Gynaecological Awareness Day

International Gynaecological Awareness Day 2017 event at King Edward Memorial Hospital:

A wonderful display at King Edward Memorial Hospital for women in Western Australia where I was invited to be one of the judges. Just imagine how it would feel for the women undergoing GYN health surgery to see the fun displays to help them heal better.

Great to see GAIN Inc. and Perth Sisterhood Support group collaborating with a display in foyer of the Hospital.

I had the privilege of donating quilts and wall hangings kindly created by WA Quilters Assoc.

I also, want to highly commend the artist from the Genetics department who created this magnificent poster.


King Edward Memorial Day King Edward Memorial Hospital                  King Edward Memorial Hospital

Regional Voices Gynaecological Awareness interview

Great to be able to share my message to the Rural Community on Regional Voices radio:

I come from a stock of tough good women



After meeting with my (90 year old) Aunty Jean Tillett yesterday I only now discovered that Jean (bottom left of picture)/my other Aunty Iris Hinchcliffe (top right hand corner) both played football in Kalgoorlie 1944. I had absolutely nooo idea that these refined women I knew all my life would even play football. Not once was it mentioned. It has taken me aback to take a closer look at their lives and how they have impacted in my own life and why I keep on keeping in with my Gynaecological Health campaign.

Sadly Mum is slowly fading away with dementia and Jean still has a sharp mind however I feel Jean is missing the life they used to have. Mum was a great pianist and Jean and their other sister Billy were singers and would always be entertaining at concerts with the war songs and song learnt from their father who was a violinist. So music was always part of their lives. Jean lives on her on and soo misses the life she once had. Determined to stay in her house by herself she is lonely, going blind and deaf. One wonders how one would cope with these things at that age. I rang to try to get some help for anyone to go and even sing a song and a cup of tea.  I feel it would be great to hear a 90 yo woman speak of her time back then playing football given that women’s football is now getting some wonderful attention.

Mum raised us 5 girls on her own after Dad came back from the war with mental issues. When I look back I wonder how on earth Mum survived.

Now I begin to understand where my determination, persistence, perseverance and spirit has come from.


She will grow up in a Viva La Vulva generation

I just had to share this comment received recently with pride:

“I don’t have any children of my own but I have a niece who is almost two and I want to support her development as she grows to understand her body. At the moment we use the word ‘fla fla’ because it’s easier for her to pronounce, but as her speech develops more, fla fla will turn into vulva. She will grow up in a viva la vulva generation. I could honestly never express my gratitude enough to Kath. Because of her, this little girl will be growing up gynae-aware.”