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A Clearer Message of Kath’s Mission

I have been asked many times in my journey what I am about.  In essence, what is Kath’s mission?

For some, they don’t see a clear message. Possibly this is because there are multiple messages that I am communicating to different target groups.

To clarify this lack of understanding, I have crafted this statement that gives a clearer overview of what I want to communicate.

My messages are:

1. For women who have not considered their GYN health, become more GYN health aware. Get your pap smears, visit your gps, ask the questions and don’t put off your GYN health. Be proactive.

2. For women who have recently discovered a GYN issue, be educated about your own body and confident to seek out the best possible help for your recovery journey. It’s your body, it’s your journey, own it and don’t be afraid to say no to something that you don’t think will get the best possible outcome for you.

3. For women who are in recovery from or living with a GYN issue, seek out other women who will understand your journey and be connected. You don’t have to sit in silence and suffer alone. Talk to people. Let them go on the journey with you and provide you with support.

4. For the broader community, be open to conversations on the topic of GYN health, gain your own knowledge and be more understanding and compassionate about the challenges women face. Corporates, Men, Schools, be open to talking about GYN health and helping to save lives and better support women with GYN challenges.

I have been on this journey now for 23 years, since my own operation. My message has always been the same. As a community we need to better understand the terminology, to break down the barriers so we can communicate openly and to save lives through being more aware of the risks, symptoms and treatments of GYN conditions.

I often speak about Vulvas and Vaginas and the difference. People don’t really understand why I am so passionate about this. They say, “but it’s only a word, kath.” But I say that it is more than just a word. It is a pervading attitude that has been with us for centuries that says that women are too dumb to understand correct terminology so it has to be dumbed down for them. But also that their sexual organs are in some way shameful (Pudendum: Latin meaning, female genitalia, one who should and out to be ashamed, the shameful part of a woman). I refuse to be ashamed. It might be just a word for some, but I am seeing the bigger giant sitting behind the word. It is time for women to step into their big girl panties and be educated. To celebrate all of who they are and demand respect.

The bottom line is, we can call our sexual organs all the pet names under the sun and I have a list for those who’d like to see it – there are many names!!! – but when you go to see your doctor, they identify that part of your anatomy by it’s real medical name.

Viva la vulva!

Kath Mazzella OAM

Grayland’s Women’s Mental Health Day Moulin Rouge GYN display





Gynaecological Awareness Day quilts from WA Quilters

Look at these amazing pieces of art created by WA Quilters for the Moulin Rouge Gynaecological Awareness Day which some were donated to King Edward Memorial Hospital and  to GAIN Inc.


King Edward Memorial Hospital International Gynaecological Awareness Day

International Gynaecological Awareness Day 2017 event at King Edward Memorial Hospital:

A wonderful display at King Edward Memorial Hospital for women in Western Australia where I was invited to be one of the judges. Just imagine how it would feel for the women undergoing GYN health surgery to see the fun displays to help them heal better.

Great to see GAIN Inc. and Perth Sisterhood Support group collaborating with a display in foyer of the Hospital.

I had the privilege of donating quilts and wall hangings kindly created by WA Quilters Assoc.

I also, want to highly commend the artist from the Genetics department who created this magnificent poster.


King Edward Memorial Day King Edward Memorial Hospital                  King Edward Memorial Hospital

Graylands Hospital Women’s Health Week Event a success!

It was a wonderful experience to be part of the Graylands Hospital Women’s Health Festival event yesterday.  What a fabulous positive team at Graylands Hospital, with the event coordatinator, Petra Elias pulling together a wonderfully supported event that had so many different stalls, including our Gynaecological and Sexual Health Awareness stall.

The staff and inpatients at the hospital entered into the spirit of the day, with many donning garden nymph styled crowns (see photo below) and entering into the theme of the garden.  Anderson Hall was transformed from a typical country-style community hall into the magical playground of a beautiful garden.

Here are some pics from the day…was lovely to also be supported by Women Can International Inc, with Toni Maher (Vice Chairperson) and Hayley Solich (Chairperson) travelling with me and helping to drag all the stuff in.  Love Women Can!  Special thanks to Women Can International Inc who will be assisting me with the management of the funds raised at our Bike Rally this weekend.

Sisters on Steel Motor Cycle Women’s Group International Gynae Awareness Day event

It would be great if you could join in the fun and meet up after the rally at Ravenswood Hotel Saturday 9 September to help support the Gynaecological Awareness Day.