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A voice for women with Gynaecological health issues

As a Gynaecological cancer survivor it soon opened up my mind to the millions of women with Gynaecological, sexual and related mental health issues in the world. The suffering in silence is huge. One needs to question why this is so in this day and age. I placed an advertisement in a woman’s magazine years ago and was amazed at how women just “put up” with issues below the belt. Mostly because they were either afraid or embarrassed. Through my initiative of the International Gynaecological Awareness Day 10 September campaign. I aim to create a voice for these women and to forewarn unsuspecting women of risks and symptoms. I don’t promote this as a health professional however whilst I see very little gynaecological health education in the global community I will never sit quietly and suffer in silence like I have seen many women do.  I appeal to you to support the campaign and celebrate the day in which ever way you can. Even if it is at your breakfast table, think of the women who have gone before us and the women who still endure GYN health issues without a voice.  #undiesforbetterunderstanding and quilting campaign.

National Rural Health Alliance Partyline

Below is article appearing in March edition of Partline to online magazine for National Rural Health Alliance.

It is hoped that this will reach far and wide to rural communities.  It would be great for all to encourage their networks to celebrate the Gynae Awareness day in their corner of the world.

Link to Kaths article:

Support International Gynaecological Awareness Day on 10 September

  • Wongan Wobblers high tea

Wongan Wobblers high tea

International Gynaecological Awareness Day (IGAD) brings communities together and raises awareness of a serious topic through an element of fun. Download the IGAD kit at  to help you organise an ‘Undies for Better Understanding’ event in your local area, encouraging women to speak out.

After my radical gynaecological cancer treatment, I soon realised millions of women, including country women, have gynaecological health issues but do not have a voice. I set out as an advocate for greater recognition of gynaecological and related mental health needs. These issues are poorly understood by many professionals, the community and women’s groups. We need to improve the knowledge and attitudes of the community at large with greater education and, most of all, support women and men standing alongside their women: wives, partners, mothers, sisters, daughters, work colleagues.

Undies quilt by Perth Modern Quilters
Undies quilt by Perth Modern Quilters

The Perth Modern Quilters created a quilt to assist me to help break down barriers and stigmas. When showing the quilt to the Country Women’s Association, Western Australia I was invited as a guest speaker at their 90th conference. This led to doing many country presentations and undies workshops. There is much laughter during these workshops as they allow women to sit around with each other, share their stories and have great conversations while making their undies. It helps them to be able to converse more openly next time they approach their health practitioners and to create greater dialogue between mothers and daughters and lessen the stigmas that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

I was born in Kalgoorlie, WA. I founded the Gynaecological Awareness Information Network Inc. in 2001. As a health consumer, a survivor and a thriver I am seeking support and action for International Gynaecological Awareness Day.




Would you like to join with thousands of women around the globe to celebrate  the International GYN Awareness Day on 10 September?

Find out what you need to do by downloading the IGAD Kit now.

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Every time we step out and share our stories we increase the healing in our community and encourage women in their journey.  IGAD offers us the opportunity to do this in a safe way, so we encourage you to consider organising an event in your local area.




Promoting Fremantle Subiaco area GYN Awareness Day 10 September 2015

Spent the day distributing around Subiaco and Fremantle promoting #Undies for Better Understanding – GYN Awareness Day and #Jean Hailes for Women’s Health Week. Was so pleased to see the International GYN Awareness Day flyer on reception desk promoting IGAD at Fremantle Womens Health. Word truly is getting around. Much thanks to Tony for being so patient and finding car parks for me.

Fremantle distributing flyers IGAD 2015
Fremantle distributing flyers IGAD 2015

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King Edward Memorial Hospital IGAD Underpants Design Competition – Sept 2014

Kath Mazzella OAM has joined forces with King Edward Memorial Hospital and GAIN Inc to celebrate the International GYN Awareness Day with an in-house underpants design competition for staff as was celebrated in 2013.

On display at the hospital will be the three Undies for Better Understanding quilts created by Perth Modern Quilters and Willetton Quilters.  It is fantastic to see the community get involved like this.