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The Creaticians

thecreaticiansA special thank you to Hayley Solich from the Creaticians for all of her support during my transition from community volunteer to professional public speaker.  Hayley’s invaluable guidance and practical support have helped to build my confidence and my business.

Hayley has:

* Customised this website

* Created a portfolio of professional photos

* Helped me to rewrite my poem about my experience

* Helped me to formulate the content of my workshops

* Worked on a marketing strategy and all the marketing tools for that strategy

* Built my confidence

* Put together a promotional DVD for (WomenCan channel)

* Actively promoted my events through her network of contacts

* Attended networking meetings with me to provide support and guidance

* Put together a slideshow of my scrapbook images

* Wrote a song to go with my flash presentation

* Wrote articles for magazines about my story

* Nominated me and supported me in application for various awards

* Encouraged, motivated and inspired me to continue on, even when the road is tough

Please pop past Hayley’s website and check out her products and services.  I would highly recommend her as a creative expert, a business expert and a wonderful, inspiring human being.