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Hear what Sharon from the Indigenous Community has to say…

From: Sharon
Sent: Wednesday, 10 February 2010 8:19 AM
Subject: RE: World Discussion GYN Health – Call for support – Intern. GYN Aware Day & UK Intern. Gyn Day

Thankyou so much sista for making contact with me today, it was lovely to catch up. You have my 100% support with your push to raise awareness and hopefully impact on prevention of women’s business when it comes to vulva and other cancers. I will certainly be pushing to have our day on 10/9 this year, I’m fairly confident that the management here will support the day with no problems. As I said to you on the phone Kath, you have saved the lives of countless woman because of your dedication to this very important womens health issue called Vulva Cancer. You have given me the knowledge and in turn I have shared this knowledge with women from my community who also have been saved as a result of being empowered to look after their own bodies. What amazes me in society is that its acceptable to people that porn is viewed, looked at or read about in the home or wherever but we shouldn’t talk about Vulva Cancer?????????? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I say get over it to everyone out there, to the men out there they can do their bit by encouraging their women to take a more active role in looking after their bodies, its in their best interest if you know what I mean. So much work to be done and let me assure you I will always stand beside you on this very important issue Kath. Thankyou for helping me help my community.

Lots of love and warm wishes for continued good health and happiness