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What a fantastic International Gynae Awareness Day we had in Perth, WA!

I am so elated!  All the hard work has definitely paid off as we had almost 300 women gathered together for our International Gynae Awareness Day celebration here in Perth, Western Australia.

Why am I so excited?  Because I see the vision coming to pass.  I see the young women and the older women, the medical professionals and the community, gathered together, sharing their knowledge and experiences and this is EXACTLY what I envisaged when I founded this day.

I’m off to Cornwall Hospital to celebrate there with the wonderful Jeanette and the many supporters.  Can’t wait to tell them all about our day!

Our guest speakers, although possible a little controversial, certainly achieved exactly what I had hoped…to stretch, to expose, to bring an awareness to the community of the need for a greater level of understanding and shared experience.

Can’t wait to report on the next leg of the journey.

I told Hayley Solich, my marketing and business mentor, that should something happen to me while I am away she must take up the mantle.  I’m certainly hoping that won’t be the case but you just never know what life is going to serve up to you!  And that is why we must grasp every opportunity with both hands to make a difference.

Be the voice for your cause today.  It is the voice that will make the difference.  You can be a change agent in the world.