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Progress in for Gynaecological Vulval awareness 2011

Progresses made.


Australian New Zealand Hospitals endorse International GYNae Day

Confirmation from Royal Australian & NZ College  of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Australian New Zealand Women’s Hospital endorsing International GYNae Day.

Another moment was standing in foyer of King Edward Memorial Women’s Hospital Perth and watching a Medical clinician walk past me with a GAIN T Shirt – we didnt know each other, I just smiled as he walked by thinking for 17 years I had waited for that to happen.

Also Jeane Hailes Foundation Melbourne had great results from their promotion of the IGAD using GAIN logo.

Family Planning Canberra and Margaret Kalms (artist) had art exhibition.

Esperance Quilters Women joined in celebrations also.

So all in all people are seeing the GYNae light