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New Project: Super GYN Woman’s Guide to GYN & Sexual Health

GWomanBookI am chasing some money to publish a GYN and Sexual Health Awareness book that I can put into anyone’s hands and they can become more aware of the risks, symptoms and stories of women who have lived with GYN conditions.

If you know someone who knows someone who is looking for an opportunity to invest into the future of women and the community (because GYN and Sexual Health has a rippled effect on both men and women in the community), please ask them to contact Hayley Solich, my management agent.

The booklet will be made available through my website and I will be taking them around the globe with me to conferences and events.  It’s a great opportunity for a sponsor to have their brand displayed.

The feel of the book is going to be easy to read, lots of funky colours and images, with tips on how to support someone with a particular condition, thought provoking questions, interesting facts and figures, awareness promotion about communication, interacting with medical practitioners and the like.  It’s purpose is to break down the stigmas associated with GYN and Sexual Health and to pave the way for a more open communication and provide support options to the community.

I’d also like to include useful references, so if you have read a book that was particularly good or know an organisation that is doing great work, please pop me a comment below with the details.

Much appreciated.