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Not So Secret Women’s Business – Book Launch!

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At last a book on Gynaecology that shares women’s stories and bite-sized wisdom from a woman’s perspective!


“When I started this book, my goal was to put in the hands of women and their partners/families a book that shares knowledge from a woman to woman perspective.  I wanted women to better understand and be aware of the risks, symptoms and causes of Gynaecological, Sexual and related Mental Health conditions, so we can be compassionate with one another, because from understanding comes compassion.” – Kath Mazzella

Not So Secret Women’s Business is a book for both men and women, as it shares stories – Kath Mazzella’s story, other women’s stories; information about Gynaecological conditions; information about how to support women with Gynaecological conditions; and tips on how to communicate effectively with medical practitioners and partners.

In this book, Kath Mazzella shares the wisdom of her 20 plus years advocating for better acceptance and awareness of Gynaecological, Sexual and related Mental Health.  Her wisdom is condensed into bite-sized nuggets for easy consumption by the reader and some of the most memorable stories highlight the conditions.

With a modern, colourful layout, this book is an easy read.

Highly recommended for anyone facing a life altering Gynaecological, Sexual or related Mental Health condition and for their partners or family members.

Watch this space…more books to come in the near future. ENJOY!

Here is some feedback about the book…

 Posted on Facebook 12/2/2015
Jo Naseby: Kath Mazzella, just finished reading your new book! Awesome writing and sharing your story from your heart!