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IGAD 2019 Community events

Here is an update of undies campaign.


Quinns Rock Senior Citizens Club created for the International Gynaecological Awareness Day.  This was displayed at Clarkson Library on IGAD.  The interest was amazing with many questions asked. “Keep up the good work. We, the ladies from the Indoor Bowling Club at Quinns Rocks, were thrilled to be a part of your special invitation to create more community awareness”


Soroptimist International Albany Image via North Albany Senior High School and Albany Library

Pelvic Roar UK

Vulval Pain Awareness UK

Chapels Teahouse


King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women WA


 Fifty, Fit and Feisty

Fremantle Women’s Health


Noranda Craft Group

Zoe Brest Physiotherapy much appreciated for your support.

Miscellaneous area in women’s restrooms, hotels, cafes