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Highly Recommended For People Who Suffer Pelvic Pain When Sitting


I have recently been gifted a product by my physiotherapist, Zoe Brest from ZBP in Morley.  The product is called, “Freddie”.  The product was sponsored by Bruce Scott from ‘Fix Bad Backs’.

Zoe was so excited about the product, so I promised I would give it a go and let her know how I got on with it.

Well, it is amazing!

For years I have suffered with pain down there.  I am sure you can understand that when you have parts cut out it can leave scarring, which can be mighty uncomfortable when you are sitting for any length of time.

Freddie has come to my rescue!

A little story…

When working with my friend, Hayley, on my books, I have often had to lie down on a mattress because it was just too painful to sit.  Or I would have to sit with my legs spread apart, which was often embarrassing.

Now that I have my best buddy Freddie, I can sit without the same discomfort and more discreetly.

It works because there is a gap in the middle of the two cushions and it naturally takes the weight on the butt cheeks and not the pelvic region.

I have to say this has been a huge relief for me and I can take Freddie with me everywhere because it is small and deflatable.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from back or pelvic pain for both men and women.

Check it out…


The small, portable cushion designed to get rid of that very personal and private pain NOW!